We visited Corum in Turkey in May 2022. All partners got a really warm welcome from the Turkish hosts! The first day we had a cosy meeting with the town's mayor, a very nice and friendly person. Before this meeting, we were offered a delicious lunch at school, prepared by some of the Turkish teachers. The second day we had an interesting excursion to Boğazkale, a district with special traces of Çorum's history. At this place we were served traditional Turkish home made food.

Day 3 & 4 were excursion days. On Wednesday we visited ÇORUMLU OBASI YOUTH CENTER, which Turkey's first youth camp. We had some activities in some of the tents, such as special painting, dressing out with different traditional clothing from the Hittites time. The third activity was done outdoors with bows and arrows.

On Thursday we traveled to Amasya, a very old town, which is is gorgeously set in a winding river valley, nestled into rocky cliffs on one side, and at the foot of a roll of green mountains on the other. There is no way to describe and do justice to the natural beauty of the Black Sea, but if you are looking for a place that blends the best of Mother Nature and the history of former civilizations, Amasya seems like a tailor-made destination!

On the last day, all students had an arts workshop where they prepared their own project logo plates, with their names on them. The day ended with a cosy farewell lunch, where the certificates of attendance were handed in.

We had a wonderful time in Turkey!