Valisoara, Rumunia

In March we visited Romania – a small public school in Valisoara.  We started our visit with a short presentation of the school and the Romanian team. The participants got a gift from the host, and the day continued with an arts & crafts workshop , where all students and teachers were thought how to prepare a “martisor”, with different layouts. “Martisor” is a symbol for spring, fresh start and luck. After this workshop the coordinators had an evaluation meeting related to the achieved results so far and what must be done in the near future. We got a delicious lunch at our hotel and thereafter we had the chance to explore the little city, Brad. We had a wonderful day, with nice weather, warm people and an unique hospitality.

On day 2 we had a trip with focus on nature and its sources, flora and fauna. Additionally, we had an exclusive stop on our way to the forest: we visited a very nice monstery ,the «Crisan Monastery». Thereafter we had a tough walk to “Grohot Bridgea meeting in the forest supervisor centre.

On Day 3 we explored the Sibiu town. We visited «Astra»- the outdoor village museum. After the round trip in the museum, we got a rich, Romanian chicken & Noodle soup, followef by Wonderful 2nd dish and dessert. Back in the city center, we followed a guided trip. We finished the day with a Romanian boufet.

Day 4 was the wonderful nature of Hunedoara region -  Orastea Natural Park,protected by UNESCO. There we could see some wild plants, typical for that area, such as «hepatica nobilis». Further on, we got some relevant historical information about the Dacian’s Citadel. A well deserved, delicious Romanian lunch was served on a very picturesque place “Popasul Dacilor”. Thereafter, we drove to a special garden place, called “Arboretum”. Here we could see different shapes of plants, designs by the human hands. On Day 5 our first stop was at GEO PARC in Hateg. We were introduced to a brief history about the smallest dinosaurs in the world. The trip continued to the impressive “Castelul Corvinilor”, where we got amazed by the Gothic architecture of the castle. Back at the hotel, we had the farewell party with lots of good food, traditional Romanian music and an official handing of all certificates of attendance to all participants in this meeting.

The trip to Romania was amazing and the hospitality of the people impressive. We will never forget this experience!