Review - our Erasmus+ Norway mobility

We got an information about going on a mobility around April. I think all of us were both surprised and excited. To clear everything - by we I mean: Zosia, Kacper, Damian, Weronika and me (Milena).

Our mobility started at 29th of May. As we arrived in Norway, we got told our bus is at 7 in the evening so we had a whole day to wait for it. We decided to go and take a look at the opera house and then came back to our bus station in Oslo. Then, the Spanish and the Turkish team have arrived which resulted in much talking and gaining new friends. We arrived in Engerdal very late and we were really tired. After having a late meal, we immediately went to sleep.

The next day I think was the best one. In the morning, a school bus has transported us to the school we have collaborated with on this project. Children from that school have prepared a song for us and it was a very pleasant surprise! After that we got a tour around their school and got divided into groups in which we were having three types of practical exercises. The exercises included wood work, remaking old furniture and creative bag making. It was stunning to see how different their classes were from ours. It was the best part of this whole trip. In the evening we went to the camping and played many outdoor games.

The third day included many integration activities that were supposed to strengthen our friendships and give us the opportunity to make new ones. Many of those exercises were actually sports like volleyball or hokey. In the evening we had the best ever barbecue on which we were playing cards and ate many dishes from other country.

Our last two days in Engerdal were very tiring but also gave us the ability to see some cultural and natural sites. It was raining and we were so sleepy…

Last three days were “Oslo days”. We have visited a botanical garden, a museum of nature and something I personally liked the most - the Munch museum. It was wonderful to see how art evolves and how different people see different things. We have also visited an open-air museum, FRAM museum and Kon-Tiki museum. It was a great dose of history and awareness of how we should be open minded and pursue our dreams.

Overall, I think it was a great trip although as we have mentioned before, it lacked the integration we had in Poland.

By Milena Noga